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Headlight Repair Services

Headlights have a hard coat which is designed to protect the them from acid rain, heat, bugs, scratches, harsh chemicals and the sun. Let our experts repair your headlights.

Headlamp Restoration

Hazed, oxidized and yellowed headlamps can be restored to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Polishing & Cleaning

The appearance of your headlights may decrease the value of your car. Hazed, faded and yellowed headlight lenses can be restored, cleaned, or polished to like new clarity.

Clearer Visibility.  Safer Driving.  Smarter Decisions.
Improve Driving Visibility

Restored headlights allow you to see more while driving at night.

Enhance Car Appearance

Standout more with a clean, modern look for you car's headlights.

Increase Resale Value

Sell your car for more by restoring & fixing your headlights.

Hard Coat Headlights

Protected from mother nature's harsh elements, including acid rain.

See More, Avoid More

Avoid costly expenses as well as potential accidents while driving.

Eliminate Costly Replacements

Avoid large costs by regularly servicing your headlights.


more visibility

Gain more visibility and view more of the road to avoid hazards or obstacles. With restored headlights your nighttime drive becomes more safe.

363 ft

further down road

See further down the road – up to 363 ft further! This will allow you to identify potential hazards further away from your vehicle.


more light on the road

More light on the road leads to improved visibility. Restored headlights will project more light onto the road and illuminate allow for safer nighttime driving.

headlamp performance
Contact Us
Let us know what you’re looking for! We’d love to help you or your company with your headlamp repair & restoration needs. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.